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#1 Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Service Provider in Dubai - UAE

Guard Master Safety Systems LLC is a Dubai Civil Defence approved company delivering integrated fire prevention, detection, suppression, and security solutions since 2014 to ensure protection of life, property, and environment. Guard Master is one of the top fire fighting and fire alarm companies in Dubai - UAE.

Our services include design of shop drawings, supply, installation, testing and commissioning, Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC’s) for fire alarm systems, firefighting systems, emergency exit light systems, voice evacuation systems and special systems (FM200 Systems, Foam, Systems, Pre-action Systems, Deluge Systems, Kitchen Hood Systems).

We are proud to be sole agents in Dubai of Mavigard & Maxlogic LPCB certified and Dubai Civil Defence approved brands from Mavili, a leader in the field with over 35 years of industry experience and exports to more than 70 countries globally.

Guard Master | Fire Alarm System and Fire Fighting Systems
Guard Master | Fire Alarm System and Fire Fighting Systems
Guard Master | Fire Alarm System and Fire Fighting Systems
Guard Master | Fire Alarm System and Fire Fighting Systems

Product Categories

We offer comprehensive fire safety solutions including Fire Alarm Systems, Emergency and Exit Lights, and Voice Evacuation Systems. Our fire alarm systems are designed to detect fire hazards early and alert occupants promptly, ensuring swift evacuation and minimizing potential damage. Our emergency and exit lights provide essential guidance during power outages, enhancing safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

In addition to these core services, we also specializes in Fire Fighting Systems and Special Systems such as FM200, foam systems, pre-action systems, and deluge systems. These advanced systems are designed to effectively control and extinguish fires, protecting both life and property. Our unique solutions adhere to international standards, ensuring high reliability and performance in critical situations.

We also offer Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) Annual Maintenance Contracts and professional shop drawing design services. Our AMCs ensure that fire safety systems are regularly inspected, maintained, and compliant with local regulations across the UAE.

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We are a professionally managed engineering company providing turnkey solutions for all your needs. Our wide selection of products and brands carry international approvals and cortication's such as Kite Mark, LPBC, UL listing, FM and as required by DCD. All work carried out is in accordance with BS, UAE Fire Codes, NFPA, UAE Civil Defence regulations and manufacturer guidelines.

Fire Alarm Systems Supplier in Dubai - UAE
Fire Alarm Systems
Emergency and Exit Lights Supplier in Dubai - UAE
Emergency and Exit Lights
Voice Evacuation Systems Supplier in Dubai - UAE
Voice Evacuation Systems
Fire Fighting Systems Supplier in Dubai - UAE
Fire Fighting Systems
Special System for Fire and Safety in Dubai - UAE
Special System for Fire and..
DCD Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai - UAE
DCD Annual Maintenance..
Designing of Shop drawing in Dubai - UAE
Designing of Shop drawing
24/7 or Hassantuk System Supplier in UAE
24/7 or Hassantuk System
DCD Safety Certificate / Istifa Certificate in UAE
DCD Safety / Istifa..

Ensuring safety for all and restoring national wealth through professionalism, business transparency, integrity, continuous improvement and commitment to keep all stakeholders happy.

To make UAE the safest place on Earth by commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in order to protect lives, property and the environment.

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